Film is first and foremost a forum. It is ironic, then, how in the discussion of said medium, exists—beyond question—a lack of communication. With Film Police Reviews, we intend to foster insightful discussions on Filipino cinema in a manner that’s inclusive, unassuming, and intelligent. We are in a unique position to inspire healthy exchanges among lovers of film, and that is exactly what our site sets out to do through thorough film reviews, essays, and interviews.

Film Police Reviews, or F.P.R., is a site created by film lovers for film lovers. Our “policing” extends no further than maintaining a friendly, respectful film community made up of cinephiles, filmmakers, and casual moviegoers alike. We wear this mission like a badge of honor.

Our website

The website was first launched by Armando Dela Cruz in 2014 as a reply to the lack of discussion about Filipino films online. This decline is only natural; the cinephile circle is understandably fatigued, what with the passing of one of its pillars, Alexis Tioseco. The goal was to create a community that looks at film as an accessible but no less impactful form of art.

Cut to years after our launch, we have become a preferred resource in Philippine and world cinema. Television networks such as GMA News TV and CNN Philippines; institutions such as the Film Development Council of the Philippines; and festival programmers like QCinema International Film Festival recognize as a respectable online publication. In 2015, a blog awarding body called Bloggys, has recognized us as one of the Best Entertainment Websites in the Philippines.

Our team

Film Police Reviews is built by a motley crew of film fans. Driven only by our passion, we create intelligent content on Philippine cinema that inspires film discourse. Click here to view our roster of writers. If you wish to write with F.P.R., please click here.

Our call

Our mission is shared not just within our core team but across the globe. If you wish to be involved in keeping film a forum, there are little ways we can contribute.

First, register on our site. This will grant you access to content that are exclusive to our members—including interviews, resources, giveaways, and more. Second, you may opt to support us via Patreon for as low as a dollar a month. It will give you firsthand access to content exclusive to our members that financially support the platform. Thirdly, you can keep the conversation alive in the comments, social media, and offline forums. We are a pretty fun bunch and always love to interact with you, the readers.

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