I’ve come across this astounding collection of woodwork art this morning. The pieces are created by a Seattle-based artist named Mike Leavitt, who, like any true cinephile would, took the phrase “the filmmaker becomes the film” literally. His latest art project, titled “King Cuts,” features great filmmakers spliced with characters and iconographies seen in some of their films. Alfred Hitchcock’s head, for example, is grafted on the body of a blackbird (from the 1963 film The Birds). You wonder if this is in fact Norman Bates’ taxidermy work. Woody Allen’s head, meanwhile, is sat atop a ripe plantain. Classic.

Leavitt’s exhibition is housed at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Mathattan, New York, until June 11th. Of course, a lot of us can’t just pop in to the gallery, but here’s a silver lining: I’ve attached some of the pieces here, which you can share on your socials. Your Tumblr and Pinterest friends will love you for it.

There’s more in Leavitt’s official gallery.