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Film Police Reviews is a Philippine-based website made for filmmakers, cinephiles, and casual cinema-goers. Being passionate cinephiles ourselves, we wish to foster insightful discussions that aren’t alienating to our readers. In short, we’re neither Total Film nor Film Comment.

Our site is comprised of film reviews, news articles, lists, articles, thought pieces and more.

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[su_service title=”Get published” icon=”icon: pencil-square-o”]Film Police Reviews is a widely read film website with approximately 150,000 monthly page views, making it an ideal place for aspiring writers to get their works published.[/su_service]

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Monetary compensation at the moment is unfortunately unavailable. If this sounds alright to you, shoot us an email by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to attach a sample of your writing and a brief bio with the email!

For any inquiries regarding being an FPR contributor, message armand@filmpolicereviews.com.

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