Third World Cinema Club

TWCC is a podcast about Philippine cinema (and possibly other things) that started in July 2018.

True to the name, we have mostly produced our episodes guerrilla-style, meeting up and making our recordings in noisy coffee shops, restaurants, and public spaces. (Our very first recording had really terrible background noise, but we promise, we’ve improved our production values since then.) Our early episodes had us talking films only among ourselves, but starting with Elora Españo in episode 4, we have been guesting critics, directors, actors, producers, cinematographers and other leading industry professionals. Some of the brilliant people we’ve had the pleasure of talking to include:

…and perhaps our favorite, the recurring guests we just can’t get rid of: the worst filmmakers in Philippine cinema ever.

Some of our episodes form special thematic sub-series such as “Behind the Screen”, where we focus on the amazing filmmaking work being done behind the scenes and beyond the view of casual audiences.

Our latest episode, on Spotify

Outside of FPR, the podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. We also have Facebook and Twitter accounts.