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Genre apologist. Coffee enthusiast. All-around good guy.

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Czyka Tumaliuan

Czyka Tumaliuan is a full-time mommy who loves to write about stuff she passionately likes or hates. She loves cooking for people to make them happy, and hopes to transfer her brain to a sexy android before she dies.

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DJ Villeza

Likes his movies administered in full dose.

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Gabriel Borlongan

An MD-to-be. Forever a film lover. This is a haiku.

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James Espinoza

I like film the way I like food, and while eating gourmet is fine, I gotta have my fast food, too.

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Rolando Basmayor III

Senior Software Developer in a Multinational Investment Company | Stock Market Trading and Crypto Currency Enthusiast | Traveller and Wanderer | Cinephile

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Tristan Zinampan

"Look at me, Look at me. I am the captain now."

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Carlos Laron

A seemingly sane but really a rookie film enthusiast, Carlos is always up for an insane experience involving food or travel. Carpe diem!

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Princess Kinoc

A night owl who makes the world a smaller, better place for everybody.

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James Reido Perico

James loathes flashing bright lights that induce nausea, loves and hates dairy products and keeps a lip balm in his pocket because his lips are always chapped.